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What Are You Thankful For?

by Dr. Chad Audi

There are so many terrible things happening in our world today. The Paris terrorist attacks. The bombing of a Russian jetliner. Shootings and racist incidents on college campuses.  All of these tragedies and turmoil can make it difficult to find joy in this holiday season. But just as God makes beauty out of ashes, so should we find enjoyment in the spirit of the holiday.

Ask yourself what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving. Perhaps you’re grateful for having a good job or a roof over your head or food on the table. These are all things that we should delight in this holiday, even as incidents happening all around us suggest a civilization immersed in hatred, violence, and mistreatment.

You may have heard about the homeless man in Detroit who was lured to a fast food restaurant drive-through window by an employee who promised him a sandwich, only to throw a cup of water at him when he approached. The video of the incident went viral, causing outrage around the world.

Heartless and cruel acts such as this have no place in our society. The homeless and impoverished are entitled to dignity and respect, just like anyone else. Here at the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM), we work to restore the self-esteem and confidence of our clients. Many have lived on the mean streets for several years, fighting off attackers while fighting to stay alive. Most of us can’t imagine going through what they have endured, much less surviving it. When they make it to our facilities seeking help, we show them that they deserve better.

When you sit down at your Thanksgiving meal, say a prayer that the world will become a little kinder and that one day we’ll treat each other as Jesus would have us to do.

by Dr. Chad Audi



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Educating Homeless Families

by Dr. Chad Audi

It’s probably something you don’t give much thought to, but have you ever wondered how well homeless children perform in school? Due to their unstable living environment, many are at increased risk of not learning as well as other children. But, one way of increasing the chance of academic success is to provide education programs for the entire family.

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM) is pleased to be involved in a pilot project called the “Family Learning Program,” administered by the St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center (SVSF) and funded by Reading Works of Detroit.

The program works like this: SVSF creates personalized education programs for homeless women and children staying at our Genesis House II transitional housing facility. In a press release, Diane Renaud, SVSF executive director and CEO, said: “We believe that by working with multiple generations simultaneously, it will help break the cycle of resistance to education faster.”

Makes sense, right? After all, much of what a child learns about life comes from watching his or her parents. So why not teach academics and employment skills to the entire family at the same time!

Many of DRMM’s clients need help improving their reading skills. Detroit has an alarmingly high illiteracy rate: 47-percent of adults, according to the National Institute for Literacy. Without the ability to read adequately, it is difficult for our clients to learn job skills and land employment as we help them rebuild their lives. The ability to read is essential for them to become self-sufficient, productive citizens in our society.

Meanwhile, the children will get personalized assistance with their school work to make sure they keep up with the standard levels of achievement as they progress to the next grade. We also expect that this family learning opportunity will raise the self-esteem and confidence of the women and their children.

Thank you, SVSF and Reading Works. We are excited about the potential of this pilot project!

Dr. Chad Audi

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Domestic Violence and Homelessness

by Dr. Chad Audi

As the National Football League continues to deal with the fallout from a series of domestic violence incidents involving players, the national spotlight is focusing on this terrible crime.

The statistics are alarming. It has been reported that 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. An estimated 1.3 million women are victims each year.

Domestic violence is a primary cause for homelessness among women. The National Alliance to End Homelessness says domestic violence survivors make up about 12 percent of the sheltered homeless population.

Many of the women who seek help at homeless shelters like ours at the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM), are running away from abusive relationships. They have finally gotten the courage to leave home after years of abuse and to start new lives. Often, the women walk into our shelter accompanied by their young children.

From that point on, DRMM sets out to restore confidence and self-esteem in the woman. She and her children receive shelter, food, clothing, transitional housing, educational support, spiritual guidance, and job skills training. As they look toward building a new future, we assist them with finding affordable permanent housing.

Without a doubt, domestic violence has a devastating impact on a woman – both physically and emotionally. Most abusers have cut the women off from everything — financial resources, employment, and support networks. And, the women often suffer from anxiety, severe depression and substance abuse.

When the women successfully complete our programs, they have overcome any addiction issues, recovered their sense of self, and they leave with a sense of accomplishment. They are no longer victims. They are brave women who took the first step when they made up their minds to seek help and end the cycle of violence. They deserve our support.

by Dr. Chad Audi

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