Programs & Services

On any given day, the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM) services more than 1,200 people in its housing and shelter facilities. Every year, more than 1 million meals are served. DRMM offers a continuum of care to the homeless, hopeless and disadvantaged, including:
                       • Emergency shelter, transitional and permanent housing
                       • Food, clothing and furniture
                       • Substance abuse treatment and detoxification
                       • Medical services
                       • Job training and placement 
                       • Family orientation program
                       • Educational classes, including computer training
                       • Summer camp for children
                       • Shelter and assistance for teen mothers
                       • Recreational activities
                       • Spiritual life services
                       • Veterans’ assistance
                       • Senior citizen programs
                       • Mental health services

DRMM operates several facilities, including:
• Genesis House I – Transitional housing for teen moms
• Genesis House II – Transitional housing for women and children
• Genesis House III – Shelter & treatment for women and children
• Detroit Rescue Mission – Shelter, treatment & transitional housing for men
• The Oasis – Transitional housing for men
• DeVos Ministry Center – Permanent housing for men
• 91 Glendale – Treatment, detoxification & medical services
• 211 Glendale – Educational courses
• My Own Place – Permanent housing
• Wildwood Ranch – Camp for children & youth
• The Annex – Offices and computer resource center
• The Hub – Warehouse, maintenance & transportation services


9 responses to “Programs & Services

  1. my daughter wanted to donate blankets to the homeless. could you use them and where could we drop them off at?

    • Dear Heather: Thank you for reaching out to the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries. Yes, we can definitely use your daughter’s donations. The blankets can be delivered to DRMM’s Hub warehouse at 5225 East Davison, Detroit, MI 48212 between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. For more information, call (313) 366-3409.

  2. I am an christian who God has delivered from the streets and a life of prostitution and drugs. As well as having been in prison a few times. I am now looking to give back and help others find the Lord and was wondering if there was anything you could use me for…please let me know if God leads you to have me volunteer or perhaps come tell the ladies my story…either way… thank you and God bless.

  3. I am interested in permanent housing. I have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and have extensive training in entreprenuer classes. I could contribute business training for the residence. I could use some spritual guidance. Thank you
    Jim Harris
    313 978 5677

  4. Interested in volunteering and employment with the DRMM. I can be reached at Thank you.

  5. A group of friends are gathering things to pass out to the homeless in Detroit.. Where is a good place where the homeless are to pass these items out?

    • Dear Shauna:
      Thank you so much for inquiring about how to best serve the hungry and homeless population in Detroit. There are several organizations, like the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, that work year-round to help those in need. I would suggest setting up a day where you can come in and help serve meals, or pass out the items that you are donating. It’s truly the best way to support the homeless. If you’d like more information, contact Rachael Williams, DRMM Director of Volunteer Services, at 313-993-4700 ext. 4715. Thank you, and God Bless!

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