The Joy of the Easter Season

by Dr. Chad Audi

Easter signals the start of a season of renewal. Renewed hope and renewed joy.  Jesus’ resurrection is the reason for the season, but we all can use it as a time to start over in our own lives. It is the perfect time to find your direction and meaning in life.

Most of the people that we service here at the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM) have lost their way in life. Regardless of the circumstances — job loss, drugs, alcohol, low wages, divorce — that brought them here, they too have the resurrection power to change their lives.

So many of our clients blossom right before our eyes. They use the tools and resources that DRMM provides to lift themselves out of despair and hopelessness.

We feed them physically and spiritually. They regain their strength, confidence and faith.

And, we instill in them the power to resist going back to their old ways and to look forward to a future filled with hope, love and victory.

Now that Easter Sunday has come and gone, the signs of the renewal it brings are all around us. For example, despite our long and harsh winter, the daffodils and tulips are popping up from the ground. It’s a sign of spring and new life.

Likewise, the joyful news that Jesus has risen gives us hope and confidence that we too can rise above the trials, troubles and tribulations of our lives.

by Dr. Chad Audi



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2 responses to “The Joy of the Easter Season

  1. I was told that you have services that help single moms with a felony find a job. I have been looking and I cant find anything nor anyone who knows of anything. I am on probation I have till march of 2015 I have three little girls and we are all living is different homes due to no room. I have custody of them still thats about the only thing I didnt loose. I am just looking for someone to give me a chance. I will work any job any hours I have to. I live in waterford but was told to see if you guys knew of anything. Thank you. My name is Kim

    • Thanks for reaching out to DRMM, Kimberly. You can contact our Emergency Shelter for Women and Children (313-331-8990) or our Substance Abuse Treatment facility for Women and Children (313-883-5614). From there, you may be moved into transitional housing, where you will receive assistance wih job training, education, and employment.

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