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The Joy of the Easter Season

by Dr. Chad Audi

Easter signals the start of a season of renewal. Renewed hope and renewed joy.  Jesus’ resurrection is the reason for the season, but we all can use it as a time to start over in our own lives. It is the perfect time to find your direction and meaning in life.

Most of the people that we service here at the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM) have lost their way in life. Regardless of the circumstances — job loss, drugs, alcohol, low wages, divorce — that brought them here, they too have the resurrection power to change their lives.

So many of our clients blossom right before our eyes. They use the tools and resources that DRMM provides to lift themselves out of despair and hopelessness.

We feed them physically and spiritually. They regain their strength, confidence and faith.

And, we instill in them the power to resist going back to their old ways and to look forward to a future filled with hope, love and victory.

Now that Easter Sunday has come and gone, the signs of the renewal it brings are all around us. For example, despite our long and harsh winter, the daffodils and tulips are popping up from the ground. It’s a sign of spring and new life.

Likewise, the joyful news that Jesus has risen gives us hope and confidence that we too can rise above the trials, troubles and tribulations of our lives.

by Dr. Chad Audi



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Caring for our Veterans

by Dr. Chad Audi

Have you thanked a veteran today? In this busy, “hurry-up” world that we live in, people may not take the time to regularly acknowledge the sacrifices of our military veterans who put their lives on the line for our country. Of course, there’s Memorial Day in May and Veteran’s Day in November that are set aside for this purpose. But, our veterans deserve recognition every day.

A recent study by the non-profit Rand Corporation shows there are more than 1.1 million Americans who are attentive to veterans’ needs every day. They are the caregivers who are caring for veterans who were injured or disabled since the tragic terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. These caregivers are wives, husbands, parents and friends. They assist the veterans with bathing, eating, managing finances, making medical appointments, and many other tasks that you and I take for granted each day.

In addition to physical injuries, veterans may struggle with emotional and behavioral problems or mental health issues. Others are living on the street with no home or job.

Here at Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM), we have teamed up with the Detroit Training Center to offer job training to homeless veterans so that they can get on the road to financial growth and independence. The veterans are enrolled in our “Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program.” Under this new collaboration, they can receive free training in a variety of construction-related careers, such as asbestos abatement contractor or supervisor, forklift operator, and aerial lift operator. Upon successful completion of the program, we will assist the veterans in finding jobs.

It’s only right that we service those who served us.

Dr. Chad Audi

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