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Homeless Pageant Contestant Holds on to her Dreams

By Dr. Chad Audi

You may have heard about the reigning Miss Colorado USA 2011, who is currently homeless due to a series of unfortunate circumstances. Twenty-three year-old Blair Griffith is living her dream as a pageant winner, but she’s also facing life’s challenges like so many other disadvantaged people in this country.

Blair lost perhaps her biggest supporter — her father — to cancer when she was just fourteen years-old. Her mother suffered a heart attack three years ago and lost her job and health insurance. Faced with dwindling finances, soaring medical bills, a mortgage and student loans, Blair and her mother couldn’t handle it all. They were evicted from their home last November and have been staying with a family friend ever since. In the midst of all this, Blair lost her job at a local department store.

Despite the tragic occurrences in her young life, Blair is still holding her head high. She is preparing to represent the state of Colorado in the Miss USA pageant in June, thanks to the generous support of sponsors. A Chicago-area fashion designer has stepped up to create her pageant gowns for free.

How many of us would be able to face such obstacles with spirit and strength? Every day at the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM), I see men and women who are homeless and destitute, yet they too have not given up hope. Just like Blair, they still believe they can accomplish their dreams. That’s what makes the difference in their journey to recovery and stability. A positive outlook will see them through to a positive outcome.

Blair Griffith says everything that has happened to her is a test. She meets people who give her strength and realizes there are so many others going through the same situation. In return, she is inspiring others.

Blair is a true survivor, just like so many other people who don’t have a home to call their own. Something tells me the nation will be cheering her on at the Miss USA pageant on June 19th. What a great story of perseverance if she takes home the crown!


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