Weathering the Cold

By Dr. Chad Audi

It has been a particularly cold and snowy winter here in Michigan and other parts of the country. On more than one occasion, the temperatures have dipped into the single digits with wind chills hovering at zero or below. And the snow continues to pile up as we get hit with snowstorm after snowstorm.

As you can imagine, the unusually cold weather can be extremely dangerous for homeless people living in abandoned buildings, vacant houses and under bridges. The Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries’ (DRMM) shelters have been used as warming centers during the frigid winter blast. Although we have been filled beyond capacity several times, we made room for more people by setting out chairs and spare mattresses for sleeping. In addition to giving the homeless a place to stay, we provide food, clothing and case management services. We don’t turn anyone away.

During this bitter cold snap, I have been interviewed by several local media outlets — including WDIV-TV4, WWJ Newsradio 950, The Detroit News, and Crain’s Detroit Business — about the human services rendered by DRMM to the homeless and how best to access them. (Click here to read the story that was broadcast on WWJ Newsradio, and here for the Detroit News article.)

Although it is February, we here in Michigan know that we can get ice and snow when the calendar shows it is April! So, DRMM will most likely continue to see an influx of people at our facilities seeking assistance and shelter from the cold. That means we will need more blankets, more food, more warm clothes, and more space to house them. The Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries ask for your prayers, donations and support as we weather the storm.


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