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A Recipe for Hope

By Dr. Chad Audi

We all can appreciate good food. And the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM) is hoping to attract plenty of hungry diners at our new teaching restaurant named Cornerstone Bistro, located in Highland Park, Michigan. Recently, we gave our friends and supporters a sneak peek of the upscale restaurant, which is scheduled to open to the public in May. The restaurant is located in one of our many facilities, the DeVos Ministry Center, a former YWCA building.

We call it a teaching restaurant because our clients at the Rescue Mission are operating it. They’re doing everything — serving, cooking, cleaning and managing the business. It’s part of our culinary arts program in collaboration with Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD). Many of our clients have recovered from drug and alcohol addictions or were left homeless when they lost their livelihood. Cornerstone Bistro provides them with new job skills and valuable work experience. But most of all, it provides them with hope.

All of the people working at the restaurant are motivated to make changes in their lives. They know they are being given another chance to become productive citizens. DRMM is behind them all the way. We provide them with food, clothing, medical services, and a warm place to sleep. However, it’s ultimately up to them to achieve the mindset that will lead to success. This teaching restaurant gives them the tools to begin that journey.

This project would not have been possible without the help of our donors, supporters and contributors. To them, we offer our sincere thanks. We’re excited to bring a new option for healthy dining to the city of Highland Park. And we’re proud to have our people showing the community what they can do. Together, it’s a recipe for hope and good food for the soul.


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