Helping Each Other

By Dr. Chad Audi 

Here in Detroit, we’re doing something unique and innovative. And I believe it can work in any city or town. The Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM) has partnered with another local non-profit organization, Think Detroit PAL (Police Athletic League), to help each other —and the City of Detroit — this summer.

Think Detroit PAL is a youth sports program that attracts 12,000 Detroit-area children each year. The Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries is a non-profit that provides shelter, food, treatment, clothing, job training and other services for thousands of homeless, addicted and disadvantaged individuals and families. Together, we are having a huge impact on the community.

DRMM’s vocational training programs include a class on lawn service and landscaping. Clients enrolled in this course learn valuable skills that can help them earn a living or become an entrepreneur. Local businesses have helped us secure lawn mowers and other equipment to enable the men to learn the trade. The course includes hands-on mowing lessons on the grounds of DRMM’s facilities.

The Think Detroit PAL partnership takes the training program to the next level. Earlier this month, we began cutting grass and cleaning up at five parks owned by the city and used by the kids in the Think Detroit program. We will continue to provide this service throughout the summer at no cost to the City of Detroit, which has not been able to keep the parks maintained due to the severe budget crunch we are facing in Detroit.

So in the end, everyone benefits. The city parks look better. Kids are able to enjoy playing outdoor sports in the parks. Detroit Rescue Mission clients gain confidence and self-esteem from their newly-learned job skills, and they get a good feeling about what they are doing to help the kids enjoy the summer. And the City of Detroit gets free lawn service during this depressed economy.

See what’s possible when we help each other out?


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