Being Good Neighbors

By Dr. Chad Audi

The Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM) has several facilities in the Detroit area that reach out to as many of the community’s homeless and disadvantaged as possible. Everything that we accomplish is due to the assistance and prayer of the people, businesses and organizations in the area. Without that support, DRMM would not be as comprehensive as it is today, and the less fortunate would not have the option of using our services to get back on their feet.

Our flagship men’s shelter is located in an area known as the Cass Corridor in Detroit. It’s surrounded by homes, schools, apartment buildings, businesses and other non-profit organizations. I’m proud to say we all help out each other in the area. We’re all good neighbors working together for the betterment of the community. And that’s so important these days. Unfortunately, due to the depressed economy, we are experiencing an increase in homelessness and the number of people needing assistance with food, shelter and clothing. That’s why hundreds from the community join us for a free dinner served at the shelter every night. Even some of the residents in the surrounding neighborhood stop by because they need a decent, nutritious meal and can’t afford one otherwise. We know the need for our services will continue. That’s why it’s important that communities band together to help those in desperate need and to help each other. DRMM has assisted the community for 100 years, and we will continue to do so for the next 100 years and more.

A recent Detroit Free Press article reported on a homeless shelter’s efforts to open new offices, a training center and showers in a suburban Detroit church building. A group of residents is threatening to sue to stop the move because they say such an operation does not belong in a residential neighborhood. This objection comes despite the shelter’s assertion that its homeless clients will not have overnight stays in the church building.

Interesting situation, isn’t it? I’d like to hear how you feel about organizations that help the homeless operating in residential neighborhoods, along with your ideas on how we all can work together to help each other as a community.


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  1. My first knowledge of The Detroit Rescue Mission was watching a program on television explaining the program and its purpose. My heart reached out to the many people who told of their addictions, criminal life and human life struggles. I called the Center and made a donation. I like the concept of “changing one life at a time.”

    I sent a letter to the Mission requesting a partnership with them in working to “change one thought at a time.” My book The Unfolding of a Rose seeks to do that. Presently, I am awaiting a response.

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