Donations Down, Needs Rise

By Dr. Chad Audi

The current economic crisis is taking a toll on us all, and it has really impacted the non-profit world. At the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM), it is our mission to help support those individuals who are greatly affected by these challenging times. But as needs rise, donations decline. Just about everyone is cutting back and that impacts DRMM and other non-profits who depend upon financial contributions and grants from local, state and federal government, as well as from generous individuals and businesses.

According to a recent article in the Detroit Free Press, “about 71 percent of more than 300 non-profits statewide noted a spike in demand for services in the past year . . . meanwhile, 63 percent of the metro Detroit agencies surveyed reported a drop in financial and in-kind support.” These statistics are from a survey conducted by the Michigan Nonprofit Association and the Johnson Center at Grand Valley State University.

With the economy in a slump, DRMM is seeing more people than ever before who are looking for a helping hand. That means we need food, clothing, bed sheets, hygiene kits and much more for the 1,200 plus people that we service on a daily basis. Stop for a minute and think about what it takes for you to survive each day. What resources do you need? How much money does it take to cover all of your bills? Now, pretend 1,200 people are living in your house and need the same things you do. They’re using the gas, water, and electricity. Plus they’re eating three meals a day. Those are the kinds of expenses that DRMM faces regularly. And we don’t turn anyone away.

We understand that not everyone can give during these trying times. People first need to help themselves. But if we don’t reach out to help others, the results can be devastating to our entire society. It can lead to increased drug use, a jump in the crime rate, rampant homelessness and tragically, even death. Through prayer and people uniting to help others, we can overcome this situation together.

I’m curious to hear how the economic crisis is affecting non-profit organizations in your area and what they are doing to cope. Drop me a line.



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2 responses to “Donations Down, Needs Rise

  1. debbieblacksblog

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    Anderson, SC – In tough times like these, most charities find themselves in a double bind. The community has increased needs for the services they provide, and at the same time, their funding sources are feeling the economic pinch and making fewer and smaller donations.

    Local entrepreneur Black has a solution, and is already making a difference for Anderson Interfaith Ministries with My Power Mall.

    My Power Mall and its parent company Together We Can Change The World offers not-for-profit organizations a free World Changer Mall of over 1000 well-known on-line stores and a comprehensive Local Merchants Mall. The not-for-profits get a commission on every purchase they make through their Mall: office supplies, travel, furniture, computers, gas, and more.

    According to Black, “More and more organizations are turning to Social Entrepreneurism, combining for-profit ventures with standard fundraising, and My Power Mall gives them a way create a new stream of income without having to invest any of their valuable funds to do it.”

    There is no limit to the number of non-profits that can benefit from this program, no limit to the amount of income they can generate, and there are no qualifications besides a valid IRS 501 c 3 determination letter.

    My Power Mall is also open to private individuals, businesses, clubs, and organizations. With 150,000 members worldwide, My Power Mall harnesses the power of everyday spending to change lives.

    Black is a member of the World Changer Reality Boot Camp, an intensive effort to spread the word about My Power Mall as widely as possible. She says, “Anyone who buys gas, groceries, toilet paper, clothes, electronics, or anything else can benefit from My Power Mall because there’s no reason for people to NOT make money on their every day purchasing.

    For more information about My Power Mall, go to or email

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